Please, DO NOT distribute any of my stuff in any website, EA website or specially any pay site.

DO NOT upload anything to other servers, if you have problems with Megaupload, email me and I kindly send you the stuff you want.

If you want to use a mesh (like paintings or posters), you should ask permission, give me the credits I deserve, put a link to my blogspot and let me know where you are going to upload them.

I spend a lot of time learning and making sims 3 things, that's why I like to have control of them, I think it's fair and every creator feels the same.

I'm not sure if when you share a sim in EA website, you download with all an his/her clothes, but if it doesn't, at least LINK ME.

Thank you.



Hi everyone!

First of all, I want to thank all of you who have liked my creations and have taken the time to comment on them. Thank you! That really means too much to me.

Well, I've been having complainings since the beginning because of the server I use to upload my files. Actually, Megaupload have always worked fine for me that's why I decided to use it. I really hate uploading files (I'm not organized -no shame, god made me like that hohoho  ^o^- and having files in different servers is not something I was looking for.

But due to the recents problems (yeah, I've noticed them in my own account, I even e-mailed the support group from MU) I will have to start using Mediafile (The second best for my point of view).

I'll start with the most recent files (the one I've noticed have had problems). I won't promise to put mirrors for the oldest files. If I have the time, I'll do it.

Thanks again! And take care all of you!


mariarita said...

almost all the people I know are having problems in loading files ..

me being optimistic, your choice .. thanks

Anonymous said...

Wow. This website is actually really interesting. I found out about it by watching one of MrSasukeUchiha98 videos. I thank him for that!! I hav been lookin on how to get Naruto's clothes for.... Ugh... Personal reasons.. Hehhehehh...... =^_^=" I am a girl by the way. And yes I have an ubber crush on him!! And I love Playing the sims so yea! However my dad put restrictions on the Internet so I have to ask him to unblock the websites. And the following websites after that! I just wanted to say thank for I've noticed while searching on the web right now. That a lot of people have requested others to visit your website! I must say you are quite famous right now.Thank you so much!!!!!
~Yuki Hatake (aka Yuki Amaterasu)

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