Please, DO NOT distribute any of my stuff in any website, EA website or specially any pay site.

DO NOT upload anything to other servers, if you have problems with Megaupload, email me and I kindly send you the stuff you want.

If you want to use a mesh (like paintings or posters), you should ask permission, give me the credits I deserve, put a link to my blogspot and let me know where you are going to upload them.

I spend a lot of time learning and making sims 3 things, that's why I like to have control of them, I think it's fair and every creator feels the same.

I'm not sure if when you share a sim in EA website, you download with all an his/her clothes, but if it doesn't, at least LINK ME.

Thank you.


Asian Fusion's Complements - Screen divider and TV

I was checking the Asian Fusion Set for the sims 2, and I noticed it had a screen divider. So, I decided to make it for the sims 3. It's not a conversion, I did it myself. Hope you like it!

Also, I didn't like the size of the TV, so, I make it bigger. This won't replace the original TV, the only issue is that is cloned from an object of one tile, not a big deal, really. 


Screen Divider
Format: .package
Place: Decor / Misc.
Price: 300
CASable: Yes (3 RGB channels)

- - - - - - - - - -

Format: .package
Place: Electronics/ TVs
Price: 3000
CASable: Yes (3 RGB channels) 

 Base Game Compatible
(i'm not sure about it, I mean, I have WA installed, but I clonned a base game object to make it, so I guess is compatible. If it isn't, please let me know)


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